Hi! I'm Karl Castillo! I'm a Front-End Developer, and Web Consultant from Vancouver, Canada. My goal is to help small businesses grow their web presence. I love working with local businesses and non-profit organizations, and help them thrive in an already competitive web environment.

Currently, I'm working as a full-time front-end developer for Machobear Studios where I work with ReactJS and React-Native to develop wonderful applications!

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Front-end Developer at Machobear Studios

Liv Rent

Liv is an application focusing on rentals long and short terms. It was written using ReactJS and React-Native. In this role, I worked as a front-end developer as well as a mentor to my more junior colleagues.

Freelance - Web Development & Design, Logo Design


TwoFold&Co is a Wedding and Event Planner from Vancouver, BC. TwoFold&Co needed a new logo that showcases that they aren't purely a wedding planning company and a new website that is easy to manage.

Freelance - Web Development & Deisgn, Logo Design


(Coming Soon)

Tablebox is a rental business for weddings and events including plates and cutlery. Tablebox, as a completely new company needed a sophisticated logo and icon as well as an e-commerce website.

Everything starts with an idea

Let your business or idea flourish! As your trusted consultant, I am here to be your partner and I am always happy to hear from you. Contact me now to begin your journey to making your vision a reality.

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