Karl Castillo the Full-Stack Web Developer

Front-End Development

I like coding front-end as much as I like coding back-end. I'm knowledgable with different front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript as well as frameworks such as SASS, LESS, React, and AngularJS.

Back-end Development

I like coding back-end as much as I like coding front-end. Back-end technologies that I am knowledgeable about is Python and PHP; as well as frameworks like Django.


I am an avid Stackoverflow user where I will answer and review questions, and participate in the community. With my goal to unlock all available reputation perks, I still have a long way to go.

Pysical Activity

I am a strong proponent of physical and mental balance. With my line of work mentally draining, I balance it out by doing sports like Dragonboat Paddling and Powerlifting.


Don't Let Your Dreams Be Dreams

With my help, we can make your dream website come to life! From design to development, I have the necessary skills to create a responsive website you can be proud of. If the website is simple enough, I might even do it free of charge!

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